Be Happy & At Peace With Yourself

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* Mindfulness skills 
* Connect to your Power Source 
* Meditation

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Panic Attacks

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One-on-One 4-Weeks
Powerful You Coaching Program

1:1 Mental Health coaching with Wen Chi:
1x per week, 4 sessions per month
3x per week, 12 sessions per month

Show up, Participate and
Get Amazing Results!

I will guide you through the process step by step to help you get amazing results!

This program was created based on a unique combination of Eastern and Western philosophies, specifically designed to help you recover from anxiety and depression in 4 weeks, with LONG LASTING RESULTS!

You will learn:

  1. Mindfulness skills – Experience the POWER of NOW; create a life that is full of love, peace and joy!
  2. Tap into your Inner Power – Connect to your Inner Twin; discover the MIRACLE that YOU ARE!
  3. Meditation – Reduce stress and cravings; release fear and worries; increase clarity and productivity; manifest whatever you want effortlessly!
  4. Change your thoughts; change your life! – Stop overthinking and overanalyzing; Be a positive thinker. 
  5. Process the yucky feelings – Learn to make “Healthy Emotional Fart!” and return to your peaceful state of Being! 
  6. Effective communication skills – Learn how to express feelings and set boundaries with others.
  7. Establish and practice a Healthy Daily Routine – Build a solid foundation, so you can enjoy a stress-free lifestyle the rest of your life!

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