Let Go and March Forward!

Nov 19, 2021

Let go! It’s easier said than done, we all know that.  

 On my way home today, while driving by the intersection of two main streets, I saw someone abruptly pull her car in front of another driver. Instead of letting it go, the other driver was screaming at the top of his lungs, cussing at her with foul language and gestures. To protest this injustice, he intentionally parked his car at 120 degrees occupying two lanes at the traffic light.

 Our default is automatically set for reaction. Most of time it is compulsive reaction vs calm response. The consequence of not being able to let go is to continue to be trapped in endless pain and suffering.

 Letting go is the only way for us to march forward! In other words, letting go is the spirit of surrender.

 A lot of people have difficulty understanding what “Surrender” really means! I will use a story about the boxing champion Muhammad Ali to illustrate what surrender really means.

 Ali invented a very famous technique called “Ropeadope”.  In the beginning of the fight, he would cover his head up in a defense position and let his opponent punch him over and over. He would stay very close to the rope, and then bounce back from the rope, once his opponent punched him for a while and used up his energy, then Ali would wait until just the right moment, and give his opponent “Bang” a big punch in his face! 

 This is the power of surrender, winning by letting go! Does surrender mean to “Turn a blind eye to it? No! Does surrender mean to “Wave the little white flag and admit that I am defeated?” No!

 Surrender means to temporarily let go of the current situation, focus on the right timing and take action that is 100% under your control! For example, maybe you don’t like the fact that your job sucks. Instead of complaining about it, you continue to show up for work, tolerate the current situation, be the best employee you can be. Meanwhile you are taking action and applying other jobs that are better suited for you! You are creating a win-win situation! 

 This is why practicing “Surrender” is the quickest way to get to wherever you want to be! You will never be stuck or become a victim of your current situation! 


            Be like Ali, my friend! You can let go and march forward, because YOU are the champion!

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