Meet The


Step into your POWER zone,
discover the MIRACLE that you are!

Meet The


Step into your POWER zone,
discover the MIRACLE that you are!

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5 Simple Steps To Overcome
Your Anxiety & Depression

Here is the magic formula I use to help people quickly recover
from anxiety and depression:

☑️ Connect to your power source, your authentic self.
☑️ Remove your core issues.
☑️ A combination of eastern and western philosophies.

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  • Wake up feeling energized and ready for the day.
  • Get rid of worries and self-doubts face challenges with self-confidence take action and reach your goals. 
  • Have a loving relationship with yourself and others.
  • Enjoy a stress-free lifestyle.


  • getting stuck in your current situation 
  • living in fear and worries
  • feeling lonely, anxious and depressed 



The Magic Formula:

☑️ Connect to your power source, your authentic self.

☑️ Remove core issues.

☑️ A combination of eastern and western philosophies.

Tap into your Inner Power,

your symptoms of
anxiety and depression

 will subside 

Hi, I'm Wen Chi!


I have 24+ years of experience working as a licensed psychotherapist and life coach, specializing in treatment for anxiety, depression, addiction and PTSD.

In 2008, combining my knowledge of eastern and western philosophies, I created a unique 4-week recovery program. This innovative process attracted people from all over the world. Many clients were able to successfully recover from severe anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction in as short as 4 weeks! 




How I can help you:

Meet Ashely:

When I first started working with Ashley, she was dealing with anxiety, depression and alcoholism. She was very successful at work in her early 30s and single. She often felt isolated, lonely and frustrated and uncomfortable in her single status. She was looking for a loving relationship but seemed to attract the wrong kind of partner - those who were controlling, emotionally unavailable and unfaithful. Ashley used food and alcohol for self soothing.

The 4-week results:

With my guidance, I helped Ashley connect to her authentic self and tune into the powerful part of herself. 

During the 4 weeks working together her loneliness disappeared and her cravings for alcohol and food had subsided, what stayed with her was feeling loved, peace and contentment. 

I helped Ashley identify and remove her core issues with a combination of tools from the Eastern and Western worlds. 

Even years later, she continues to maintain her sobriety and living her life to the fullest!

"Through Wen Chi I was able to resolve issues that have been eating me alive for years and let them go. What a freeing feeling to let go of old baggage and learn to forgive. I now realize that without forgiveness I wouldn’t have been able to heal. I am very grateful for Wen Chi and feel blessed that she came into my life. I will never forget her and what she did for me."

"My experience with Wen Chi was much different than anything I had experienced before. She not only cared about what I was feeling and going through, she understood what I was feeling because she had been through it herself. That made a huge difference for me, because I knew that she understood me and could help me.

Wen chi gave me the tools to start to turn my life around and for that I am forever grateful. Her program is spiritual based. She gave me the tools to reconnect to my own spirit and see the Higher Power within me."

“Wen Chi not only showed me that there were tools that could be used to transform this mess of emotional reactivity and despair, but also walked me through exactly how to use them. 

It was such a fundamentally different approach than other talk therapy that I had gone through: It was amazing to realize that there were actual concrete things I could do to aid in my own self-awareness and healing.”

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